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About Ginza

High Concept T-Shirts for Art Lovers

GINZA is a revelation in luxury design, fusing Art and Fashion together in the form of bespoke jersey wear. Art you wear! Our unique collections of highly limited edition T-Shirts, featuring artworks from the world's leading photographers, are available in a variety of desirable styles only through www.ginzafashion.com. This one-of-a-kind, exclusive approach makes our garments timeless must-haves and the brand of choice for contemporary art lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike. 

From World to World

GINZA is also an incredible example of international cooperation:
Acclaimed artists from across the globe, apparel made from the finest Turkish cotton, designed in London and handcrafted to perfection in Italy, and printed in Prague using eco-friendly inks and cutting-edge Japanese technology. By translating the unaltered images in true form onto the finest white jersey, GINZA becomes the brand of choice for contemporary art collectors and luxury fashion enthusiasts across the world. The resulting garments would not look out of place hanging in a gallery space. 

Artists Only Seen in Galleries

At the core of each of our collections is the featured artist and the artwork. GINZA showcases exceptional photography, collaborating with the greatest photographers of our time, whose artworks are rarely seen outside of museums, gallery spaces or high-end publications. Rather than simply printing stock works on stock t-shirts, we work extensively with each artist or their estate during the curating and design process, resulting in truly visionary, wearable art pieces that are available to a whole new generation of collectors.



Our first collections will launch shortly. Please view these in our COMING SOON area.